Address of  Masjid Tsukuba :
Postal Code: 300-2662, Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba city, Kaname 315-10 Phone: +81-29-864-3235
[Contact by phone is not recommended please use Fax or e-mail instead]
Or send email to masjidtsukuba [at] gmail [dot] com

Bus route

From Tsukuba Center to Masjid

1) Take Bus No.71 in Terminal No.5

Senta to Masjid_1


Schedule as follows:


Schedule Bus 71 Weekdays to Kinen Byouin


Schedule Bus 71 Weekend to Kinen Byouin

2) Stop at Kinen Byouin Bus Stop

Senta to Masjid_2Senta to Masjid_3

From Masjid to Tsukuba Center

1) Go to Family Mart near Kinen Byouin

Masjid to Senta_1

Masjid to Senta_2


Schedule Bus No.71 To Tsukuba Senta

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